ECO2 Flux


This ECO2 FluX gas flux measurement chamber sets new standards for measuring CO2 dynamics at the ecosystem level.Because the chamber can be transparent as well as darkened, both Net Ecosystem Exchange (NEE)and Ecosystem Respiration (ER) can be measured directly and Gross Ecosystem Photosynthesis (GEP) can be estimated by their difference(GEP= NEE–ER), thus producing direct data of the processes behind NEE.The chamber covers a ground area of 3,100 cm 2 and has a volume of 220 L (at standard height of 80 cm) and is therefore big enough to include plants communities in many natural low - stature ecosystem types as well as many agricultural crops.

Watch the ECO2 Flux chamber in action!
In contrast to most other chamber designs the ECO2 fluX chamber closes from the ground and upwards to the desired height where it then meets the lid. This prevents plant damage during closure of the chamber. The movement of the ‘arms’ of the lid and the chamber tubes takes place over one axis by only one motor/gear unit. When inactive, the chamber lid and tubes rests close to the ground and well protected against wind. The simple and sturdy design makes the chamber highly reliable even under very windy conditions.