Soil Water Samplers

Soil water samplers

(Lysimeters, Saugkerzen, Unique samplers)
PRENART soil water samplers (suction cup lysimeters / Ger.: Saugkerze) are made of porous PTFE (teflon) mixed with silica flour.
PRENART soil water samplers combine in a new and unique way the inert character of PTFE with the good hydrological properties of silica flour.
In this way it has been possible to remove the water-repellent character of the PTFE to ensure good capillary contact with the pore water in the soil.
PRENART soil water samplers are very robust and can be installed in all soil types at all depths.

  • are made of unbreakable and durable materials
  • are easy to install in the soil
  • are frost resistant
  • can be reinstalled at new sites after rinsing
  • do not contaminate or retain elements or chemical compounds which might interfere with the collected samples
  • are available both in standard size and any individual size and form demanded
  • are tested individually to ensure correct function and high quality

Types of PRENART soil water samplers
The PRENART soil water sampler is available in different size depending on the objectives of the sampling.

PRENART SUPER QUARTZ standard. OD 21mm, length 95mm, is made of PTFE/quartz (48/52%). It can be applied for soil water sampling in all soil types. Most applicable for investigations of soil nutrient status and heavy metal content.

PRENART MOVABLE. SUPER QUARTZ standard OD 21mm, mounted with 55 cm, 110 cm or 160 cm PVC tube and handle. The sampler can be installed down to a depth of 1,5 m. Most applicable for investigation during shorter periods, where the sampler must be moved quickly to new sites.

PRENART MINI, OD 12mm, length 45mm, is most applicable for laboratory experiments or studies in thin soil horizons.

Additional types of PRENART Soil Water Samplers
PRENART MAXI, OD 30mm, length 150mm, ideally suited for collection of larger water volumes.

PRENART SOIL DISC is made of porous PTFE/quartz. The diameter is 90 mm and thickness 20 mm. Porous area diameter 70 mm. This sampler is especially suitable for sampling of water percolating through the soil profile, for example under infiltration sewage plants and irrigation fields.

PRENART Super Steel Sampler sampler has extremely good HYDRAULIC CONDUCTIVITY proper ties combined with very high bubble pressure greater than > 1000 mb - 100 KPa. It means that the sampler works in a wide water potential range in all soil types..

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PRENART COMBI MODULE SAMPLER is most applicable for sampling of soil water in deep soils at depths of more than 4–5 m.
The COMBI MODULE SAMPLER consists of a PRENART MAXI soil water sampler combined with a water storage of 150 ml mounted just above the sampler.
Due to the height of the water string in the sampling tube at larger depths it is not possible to pull water to the soil surface with vacuum alone.
Therefore, the COMBI MODULE SAMPLER has a check valve installed between the sampler and the water storage, and furthermore, a double tube system which makes it possible to blow the sample to soil surface.
During sampling vacuum is first applied to the sampler until the water storage is filled up. Next overpressure is applied via the double tube system and the sample is then blown to the sampling bottle at the soil surface. The check valve prevents the water sample to be pulled back into the soil.