Time Domain Reflectometry


Time Domain Reflectometry - TDR

TDR developments
The PRENART TDR SYSTEM is used for semiautomatic in situ measurement of volumetric soil water content.
The TDR measurements are carried out with the TDR100 instrument made by Campbell Scientific Inc., USA, combined with the Allegro 2 handheld PC from Juniper Systems Inc.,USA.

The data acquisition and analysis software AutoTDR, which has been developed in collaboration with DCA - Danish Centre For Food And Agriculture, has been extensively used during several years.

Easy to handle
The system has been developed for both the inexperienced and the experienced users of TDR.
The beginner will appreciate the easy to use software taking care of data analysis and storage.
The experienced user will appreciate the flexibility of the AutoTDR software. Our TDR system can handle probes up to 100 cm or more – and even in sandy soils with low salinity allow insertion down to 150 cm depth. In clay soils with high salinity not more than 60-80 cm.

PRENART TDR system allows the installation of an adequate number of inexpensive measuring probes in areas with variable soil conditions.

Allegro Field PCallegro_measurement
Ready-to-go TDR kit including:

  • AG2E-S Allegro 2 handheld Standard model, Wi-Fi, BT, 512MB RAM, 8GB, Juniper systems
  • Storage USB/Power Dock
  • TDR100 instrument, Campbell Scientific
  • Battery pack power supply for TDR100
  • Backpack for easy transport of TDR100/battery pack during measurements
  • Cable interface
  • AutoTDR software – developed by DCA - Danish Centre For Food And Agriculture
  • PocketDOS License
  • 5 of each measuring probes (20, 50, 90 cm)
  • Installation tool with special mallet without backstroke