News – September 2018

Prenart Equipment + Dansk Miljørådgivning

It is a great pleasure to announce that Prenart has become a part of Dansk Miljørådgivning A/S (DMR).

DMR is a reputable fast growing Danish consulting engineering company with 130 employees in Denmark and Norway. DMR has expertise in several major areas within consulting and research such as soil and groundwater investigation/remediation, geotechnics, indoor air, industrial environment and plannings etc.
Prenart Equipment continues to offer their well-known devices for soil water sampling, including advice and individual adaptation of solutions according to the needs of our customers.
“The plans for the combined company are to strengthen the use of scientific instrumentation for the benefit of our customers, which will be presented with new and innovative possibilities to process monitoring and sampling in projects related to soil, water and air pollution. In that way the right decisions can be made on a better data basis” says CEO, Claus Larsen from DMR.
An important focus will be on development of “intelligent sampling equipment” of which we already offer a sampling solution for porewater from the unsaturated zone at sites polluted with volatile organic compounds (VOC). The system combines an intelligent soil water sampler from DMR and the Prenart Super Steel soil water suction cup lysimeter.
At sites polluted with VOC, assessment of groundwater risk often comprise an estimate of flux through the unsaturated zone. The concentration of VOC in soil water in source areas is a key feature in these estimates. So far, equilibrium calculations between VOC concentration in soil and porewater has been the main/only strategy to assess porewater concentration leading to (presumably) very conservative estimates of the contamination infiltration flux. The newly developed system circumvents this problem, as water samples are collected in a controlled manor which ensures minimal disturbance of the soil matrix and prevents evaporation of VOC during sampling. The actual soil water concentration of VOC in source areas holds a large gap in the conceptual understanding of most polluted sites. A typical installation of suction cup lysimeters for soil water at VOC polluted sites are shown below.

Director and founder of Prenart equipment, Preben Jørgensen, continues as professional manager and developer in the new sampling and monitoring department at DMR, in close collaboration with Ph.D. Poul Larsen.
This step ensures further strengthening and continued development of Prenart products that have evolved into a world-renowned trademark for more than 30 years. “I am pleased that we have become a part of the best partner in the area. We have a common mindset to develop the sampling equipment of the future that will set standards within the environment and climate issues“ says Preben Jørgensen.