Portable Vacuum Pumps

The portable vacuum pump/compressor system

The portable vacuum pump is developed for the PRENART field equipment for soil and groundwater investigations. Due to it's simple construction and robustness, it is applicable everywhere when easy and quick access to vacuum or compressed air is required.

  • Digital pressure switch with LC-Display
  • Pressostate for constant vacuum down to -850 mbar
  • Air pressure up to 2.5 bar
  • Easy to handle
  • Robust and mounted in water tight box
  • Suitable for field use

Technical specifications
Vacuum performance
Max. -850 mbar
Compress. performance
up to 2.5 bar
Pump rate
7.2 L/min. at 0 bar.
A 2 L bottle can be evacuated to a vacuum of -600 mbar in 23 sec.
Power supply
Rechargable battery
Power consumption
300x200x180 mm.
5.6 kg
Protection class

New and efficient hand operated vacuum pump
The PRENART hand operated vacuum pump consists of a plastic tube/piston with a stroke capacity of approx. 225 ml. The pump is effective and robust with a vacuum gauge (Kpa scale) and a check valve installed.

Maximum vacuum down to approx. -80 Kpa
Pump rate: 2 L bottle can be evacuated to - 60 Kpa by 15 strokes