PRENART Equipment is used world-wide

Since the start of the company PRENART EQUIPMENT ApS in 1987, PRENART has delivered solutions and equipment to research and monitoring projects in many countries all over the world. The wide application and further development of the equipment has been done in cooperation with a long row of universities, research institutions and private companies.

In Denmark PRENART products have been used by all Danish universities, the Ministry of the Environment, the National Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland and many private companies. A good example is the famous CLIMATE project on the effects on climate change on terrestrial ecosystems run by the Technical University of Denmark. Read more

For 20 years The Danish Ministry of the Environment has been running the LOOP project on leaching of nutrients from agricultural fields to the aquatic ecosystems using all the years the same PRENART soil water samplers.
And the National Geological Survey for Denmark and Greenland has for many years been running a monitoring programme on leaching of pesticides from agricultural fields. Read more

In USA PRENART Equipment is used by the national forest health monitoring programme and most recently by the huge LEO project, Landscape Evolution Observatory, Biosphere 2.

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PRENART equipment is also used in many other countries for investigations of soil and groundwater pollution, fertilizer application in agriculture, soil surveys and forestry. The PRENART equipment is most widely used in Norway, Sweden, Finland, U.K., Holland, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, U.S.A. and Canada. But it is also used in tropical areas in Africa, India, SE Asia, South America, Australia and even at the Antarctica.